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Dr. Russell DesMarais,

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Body, Mind, and Spirit

Natural Integrative Healing, formerly Turtle Island Health Center, has been providing alternative health care through Natural Medicine approaches for more than 30 years. At the Center, a comprehensive integrated team of professionals work together to improve the health of individuals who need care. We believe that the process of healing is an intricate web of interactions among the physical, biochemical, energetic, mental, and emotional aspects of a person. Spiritual and lifestyle choices unique to each person also affect the pattern. We view an individual as a whole person, not as a disease or disorder. Our team of healers and practitioners provide complete integrated natural healthcare services. We believe that, in most cases, full recovery from any disease, accident, or other condition cannot be entirely achieved by focusing on physical symptoms alone.

Individuals can move through illness and experience a passive recovery. But feeling better by reducing symptoms is not the same as establishing vibrant health. At Natural Integrative Healing, we believe it is within an individual’s power to live in full wellness: a concept of health that includes more than simply not being sick. We are committed to helping people achieve maximum health. Give us a call at 651-330-9456 to make an appointment today!

Chiropractic Care in St. Paul

For individuals experiencing pain or illness, we specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of muscular-skeletal, nutritional, and internal disorders. For those in good health, we offer individual wellness programs to assist people in achieving their potential. Our goal is to help create a community of healthy, thriving people who fully realize their purpose and potential.

Wellness depends on the harmony of body, mind, and spirit. Let us help you to develop a health care program that optimizes your health and well-being.

Healing the Total Person

“The difference between Natural Medicine at Natural Integrative Healing and conventional health care is that, while conventional practitioners use methods such as surgery and drugs to treat symptoms, our integrated team of practitioners look for ways to reduce the symptoms as quickly as possible while seeking the underlying causes of illness−the reasons the symptoms appeared in the first place,” says Dr. Russell DesMarais, Founder of Natural Integrative Healing.

When individuals are experiencing good health, they also experience balance and harmony in their lives. Natural Medicine is based largely on the belief that illness or disease is caused by imbalances in the primary systems of our bodies and lifestyle choices as well as the absence of periodic treatments to stay well. By modifying and correcting these imbalances, illnesses diminish or disappear, and the need for radical and invasive methods of conventional care is greatly reduced or eliminated.

New patients at Natural Integrative Healing are tested for balance in five major areas: physical, nutritional, energetic, psychological, and environmental. In a sense, health is like a mobile: each aspect affects every other aspect. Each aspect of an individual’s health must be in balance for a person to experience high levels of health.

Patients experiencing disease (literally dis-ease) are treated with chiropractic, acupuncture, nutritional counseling, herbs and supplements, massage and therapeutic exercise, QiGong, stress management, energy balancing, and lifestyle planning and wellness. These time-tested and results-oriented methods are integrated into individual care plans for each person.

Learning to Use Natural Medicine

At Natural Integrative Healing, we practice a program of alternative health care through Natural Medicine that offers four distinct stages of care: Initial Intensive Care, Corrective Care, Maintenance Care, and Wellness Care.

During Initial Intensive Care, we address patients’ immediate symptoms and relieve their discomfort. Next, during Corrective Care, we help patients to regain proper balance in all of the body’s major systems. Then, during Maintenance Care, we help the body to remember how to stay in proper alignment. Finally, during Wellness Care, we move beyond the state of “passive” good health to achieving the active state of optimal health: true well-being.

Normally, patients begin with the Initial Diagnostic Intake Process. This process consists of two office visits. The first visit includes an examination by the doctor. The doctor performs all the basic components of a routine physical examination including the following: the patient’s postural, spinal, and nervous systems for proper integration and alignment; muscle testing as well as full screening of the status of each internal organ; evaluation of acupuncture and energy systems through testing methods found in Classical Chinese Medicine; and review of nutrition, stress, and lifestyle habits.

Another step during this initial process is for patients to view an informative video online at In the presentation, Dr. DesMarais articulates his views on the causes of disease and pain. He also explains his new patient consultation, history taking, and comprehensive examination. This presentation helps patients to better understand Dr. DesMarais’ report and summary of their case, the treatment methods to be implemented, and the suggested personalized plan of care.

It may be helpful to share this presentation with family members and friends. We have found that sharing the information with others can help patients to be better supported in their choices for getting well. The information also provides patients the opportunity to make educated decisions about their health options.

Patients receive their first treatment to discover initial response patterns and help with any immediate complaints. The doctor also reviews initial impressions about a patient’s health. If a patient’s history is complex or acute care needs to be rendered before a full and final report is composed, an additional patient visit may be added to the intake process. This additional visit can be an important opportunity to confirm a patient’s history and to review medical records, including lab tests, x-rays, and MRI studies. The doctor may use this visit to ask any follow up questions.

At the Report of Findings (normally the second visit), patients receive their personalized Care Plan. At this time the doctor shares overall impressions and recommends a program designed specifically to meet individual healthcare needs. The goal of this program is to resolve both initial complaints and all related health problems from the past.

Because wellness is a process— ongoing throughout one’s lifetime—the doctors and staff at Natural Integrative Healing work to develop an individual Wellness Plan after patients have completed their Initial Treatment Plan. This Wellness Plan, like a financial plan or other plans for life-time goals, assists patients in achieving the physical ability to realize their maximum potential and harmony of body, mind, and spirit.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with our St. Paul chiropractor, call 651-330-9456 today!

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